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Project EPIC needed to be able to achieve a huge amount of objectives, including: Enabling business growth by supporting a three-fold growth in the volume of orders, develop an increasingly personalised customer experience and support John Lewis in becoming the leading multichannel retailer in the UK.

Remove complexity and rationalise legacy data structures. Improved navigation and product information is now available through the Argos.

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It has successfully positioned itself as the technology provider for brands, and has most recently combined technology and fashion to provide an unique in-store experience. The iPhone app has been downloaded over 2.

The level of targeting applied to the activity meant it achieved maximum effectiveness and reach the right audience for the product with the right message to promote engagement, awareness and customer generation.

It is a dynamic and highly competitive industry, needing to respond to customers' demands - all retail businesses are driven by sales and profit.

Customers can now easily start their journey in one place and pick it up in another. In their most recent temporary retail store in London, the luxury e-commerce platform provided connected clothing racks, touch-screen-enhanced mirrors and sign-in stations that could help put data collected from customers online to use in stores.

For years, we have heard stories of the apparent decline of the high street and the subsequent rise of the internet, as if this was an trajectory impossible to reverse. With a new national same day delivery service, customers can now choose between 14 combinations of order and fulfilment to meet their needs.

The healthy eating brand This case study focuses on how Tesco has identified and anticipated changes in lifestyles in this country and how these impact on new requirements for healthy eating.

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Six incredibly effective retail case studies from The Digitals