A personal account of the reasons behind the decision to pursue a graduate degree

Benefits of doing masters degree

Requires ability to set priorities. One of the biggest benefits of pursuing a graduate degree is the personal growth and life experiences it provides. No guarantee of higher salary. Maja Nenadovic, a Croatian postgraduate who studied at Leiden University in the Netherlands, found this to be the case. Not everyone is suited to teaching, but for those who are, getting a PhD can lead to a tenured position at a university or college, with a nice salary, a teaching or research assistant to help with workload, consulting opportunities partly shared with your department , and a nice pension upon retirement. It is time consuming, requires a huge amount of self-motivation, and is a very serious financial commitment; naturally, you want to be certain that the benefits are worth it. The more you learn the better prepared you are at life and in turn your career. No matter what happens, pursue studies for yourself and only yourself! Grad School is much different than undergraduate programs. Want to make a positive investment in your future? You have access to on-campus libraries , dynamic staff , scholarships , bustling community life, and much more! The only exceptions are those with significant professional experience or who are able to self-fund their own research. In a similar vein, your thesis adviser might have research grant funds coming and might offer that to you in return for your participation as a research assistant. Graduate studies, a dream opportunity? For graduate degree holders, the numbers are favorable: U.

Graduate schools can provide opportunities to explore theories you may have about a topic. Have reliable transportation. Graduate studies, a dream opportunity? For others, cultural motivation and family traditions have an unquestionably positive influence on the decision to enter graduate studies.

Indeed, One Search. It encourages lifelong learning among people who are at different stages in their life.

Lifetime Earning Potential Increases Along with more job prospects, the benefits of going to graduate school include boosting your lifetime earning potential.

why masters degree is important

New and Specialized Skills The purpose of graduate studies has always been to specialize in a field. That represents nearly a 30 percent difference in average annual salary—and offers clear evidence that completing a graduate degree can make a positive impact on one's financial situation.

Why do you want to pursue a graduate degree essay

Some large corporations set aside funds to pay partial or full tuitions in the pursuit of advanced education by qualified employees. The additional hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career could mean more savings, living more comfortably, planning dream vacations, or security in case of an emergency. University of Victoria astronomer Kim Venn In research programs, graduate students are involved in both the development and the responsible conduct of original, important research and scholarship. This can be a strain on family and personal relationships, not to mention yourself. Without the need to fulfill general education requirements, you can focus solely on your field of study. Abound: Grad School narrows down your options and gets you in touch with schools that we can confirm are Accessible, Affordable, Accelerated, and Advanced. Completing a graduate degree is challenging, time consuming and costly but also highly rewarding. Graduate studies, a dream opportunity? To learn, to think critically, to accept the academic challenge. It says something about who you are and the dedication you have to your chosen field.
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10 Reasons You Should Get a Master’s Degree