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Shekhar Kapur is not in his A game and unfortunately fails to create the anticipated vision on screen. After Elizabeth's archrival Mary of Guise Fanny Ardant sends her a poisoned dress that luckily claims the life of another, it is Sir Francis who adroitly convinces Mary he will betray Elizabeth.

Kapur fills his palaces and cathedrals with enough diseased ambition to rival Kane's Xanadu, creates a picturesque battlefield, and lights a night-time riverscape with fireworks that appropriately cast more shadow than light.

PivoGirl 13 July In a year overwhelmed with reminiscent films, Elizabeth rises above the rest to become one of few stunning manifestations of the Hollywood Renaissance. The biographical nature of the film may also spark conversations about this historically significant period, as Elizabeth was the last of the Tudor line monarchy.

By the end she has outsmarted everyone and become one of the rare early female heads of state to rule successfully without an alliance with a man. This character was the true probably the only love of the young queen and is very important in the plot.

Elizabeth I and her succession to the throne was one of the bloodiest and most controversial in England's history.

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Cate Blanchett does a fabulous job capturing the details of a frustrated young woman waking to the merciless reality of queenhood--surrounded by enemies such as Norfolk Christopher Eccleston. It certainly borders on the absurd, if not the criminal, that Gwyneth Paltrow's simpering, one-note performance as Viola was handed the Best Actress Award over Cate Blanchett's truly magnificent performance in the title role of 'Elizabeth,' a film whose tracing of Elizabeth's transformation from teenage frolicker to commanding 'Virgin Queen' presented an enormous challenge of acting range that Blanchett met with aplomb. I must admit, for the first hour or so, I thought this didn't hold a candle to its sequel, but that's before we see how the innocent maiden who was thrust unprepared into the role of queen transforms herself into one of the most powerful rulers in the world. And no master! Blanchett has managed to capture the physical aspect and most likely personality characteristics of this queen. Blanchett is just marvelous in this regard. Following Elizabeth the First's arc from royal sibling to Her Royal Highness, "Elizabeth" traces mid-millennium English history as the nation found itself threatened from both within and without. Shekhar Kapur crafted a gloriously beautiful looking movie that although historically iffy was full of wonderful performances that somehow got overlooked come award season. Furthermore, the timeline of events prior to her accession is also inaccurate. Curiously, 'Shakespeare in Love' and 'Elizabeth' not only share the presence of Elizabeth I as an historical character, albeit at opposite ends of her nearly 50 year reign, but also two prominent cast members: Joseph Fiennes and Geoffrey Rush. Despite its qualities as a fine film, Elizabeth is too mature and violent for younger viewers. Action is glimpsed through iron filigree screens, dresses are rich with embroidery, hairstyles are ornately elaborated, and yet there is the feeling that just out of sight of these riches are the rats in the kitchen and the slop-pots in the halls.

A true chameleon work, which earned the actress a Golden Globe for "Best Actress Drama" would have won the Oscar for Best Actress that year but, sometimes, the heads of the Hollywood Academy does not seem to know to see something good when they have it in front of their noses.

Yet just as England learns to wake up from the medieval dream, Elizabeth learns the bitterness of betrayal as she looks to Sir Francis Walsingham Jeffrey Rush 's counsel. Additionally, though slow, it feels like it needed to be longer. La actuacion de cate blanchett desaparece para trasformarse en su personaje es genial 0 of 0 users found this helpful00 7 FilipeNeto Apr 4, This is an good historical film, which depicts the initial period of Elizabeth I of England's reign, and how she tried to hold on to power before her enemies.

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