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And why is it that the other side is superior in numbers?

Would you like me to neglect a person who is having difficulties just so you can stay innocent, just so you can be a good person? We can see Fak, who has a heart of compassionate mettar calnar and a heart of shame hiri otapa , as the epitome of a person who fulfills Buddhist virtue. Niels Mulder, however, notes certain distinctions between Thai and Javanese writers. This poetical genre later spread, first to Myanmar in the late 18th Century, and then Cambodia in the mid 19th century, at the time when Cambodia was heavily influenced by the Siamese culture. The importance of Yuan Phai is not limited to just being the oldest surviving example of Lilit poetry. Its popularity led to the dramatization of the story into lakhon. This is illustrated in the two novels discussed here, as well as other literary works, but in the future, it will be necessary to research the diversity of Thai modern literature. This custom is also followed in academic papers and shall be followed in this text. Fak becomes haunted by his existence and refuses to give up alcohol to confront it directly. Phra Lo is considered to be one of the earliest Thai poems that evoke sadness and tragic emotions. He fathers two sons, one with the ogress and another with the mermaid, who later grow up to be heroes with superhuman powers. This world has no marker. Yet, the work also points to the importance of the Buddhist sense of values of a priest who voluntarily undergoes training. Among the writers who were influenced by the social ideals of the student revolution, Chart received particular attention.

This movement addressed issues like oppression, popular history, and politics, and one of its stalwarts was Seni whose lectures at Thammasat University in expressed his support for the movement. Or viewed from another perspective, society is always changing and no one can stop the tide.

Today, the abridged version, i. This point alone marks the book as an important contribution to Thai studies. This is a story of unrequited love that ends with the death of the lovers, Rotthsen and Meri. At that time, those who adhere to the old values become a threat to the values of the new era. The poet describes his journey through landscapes, towns, and villages, but he regularly interrupts his description to express his feelings for and thoughts of the abandoned lover. The other person is Win Lyovarin. Their writings may reflect different ideological and cultural backgrounds but what is notable about them is the keen attentiveness they devote towards the problems of society.

When Juan requests Sai to take care of a lawsuit he filed against a group of protesting farmers, Sai must decide whether to accept the request based on his personal obligations to Juan or to decline it in the name of universal justice.

The structure of Phra Aphai Mani conforms to the monomyth structure, shared by other great epic stories.


The other half seems to have been lost. Prince Thammathibet's Phra Malai is composed in a style that alternates between rai and khlong sii-suphap.

It is a measure of both his serious literary purpose, in wishing to reach an international audience, and his financial astuteness, that he published English translations of his novels. In fact, the hero of the epic Thao Cheuang, was a man of Austroasiatic origin, probably of a Khom race.

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As such, it has much to offer readers interested in Isan, Thai literary history, Southeast Asian writing, and cultural production in Thailand and Southeast Asia more generally.

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Thai literature