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This is not as simple as it sounds. Karen Zoppa, The University of Winnipeg One thing one can hardly fail to notice about life is that it is self-perpetuating. A classic example [16] is of two workers on an apparently boring production line in a factory. The purpose of life is to explore and experience. The key is to develop inner peace. Thus, a sense of significance permeates every dimension of meaning, rather than stands as a separate factor. Neuroscience describes reward , pleasure , and motivation in terms of neurotransmitter activity, especially in the limbic system and the ventral tegmental area in particular.

This is manifested in the modern world as the daily grind. However, if one perceive life from a positive perspective life is sweet. According to Douglas Adamsthe answer to the question is For many life is all about love.

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Some researchers have suggested that the human brain has innate mechanisms for such experiences and that living without using them for their evolved purposes may be a cause of imbalance. Although most psychology researchers consider meaning in life as a subjective feeling or judgment, most philosophers e.

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And this can be considered the most simplified version of their life's purpose. The quest for the meaning of life crossed my mind and I asked the girl ,who serve the coffee, as to what is the meaning of life. Gary Vaynerchuk Who is he? For many life is all about love. In Platonism, the meaning of life is in attaining the highest form of knowledge, which is the Idea Form of the Good, from which all good and just things derive utility and value. His theory of forms proposes that universals do not physically exist, like objects, but as heavenly forms. For this reason life will be more meaningful when one hopes. Aristotelianism Main article: Aristotelian ethics Aristotle , an apprentice of Plato , was another early and influential philosopher, who argued that ethical knowledge is not certain knowledge such as metaphysics and epistemology , but is general knowledge. If the man is spiritual he has to believe the Almighty who is the meaning of life. Besides, if nothing is absolute, but things have value only relative to other things, how do we get a consensus on the best or the worst? Parapsychology Based on the premises of non-materialistic explanations of the mind, some have suggested the existence of a cosmic consciousness , asserting that consciousness is actually the "ground of all being".

Combination bonding. One treats the work as a tedious chore while the other turns it into a game to see how fast she can make each unit, and achieves flow in the process. If the meaning of life is wanted, a meaning that will transcend the test of time or the particulars of individual beliefs, then an effort to arrive at a truly objective determination must be made.

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What Is the Purpose of Life? The Answer Is Closer Than You Think