Angler fish

Anglerfish live most of their lives in total darkness more than 1, meters below the ocean surface. Their predatory approach is ambush. Some angler fish can be quite large, reaching 3. Their mouths are so big and their bodies so pliable, they can actually swallow prey up to twice their own size.

Robison said. This is also how the anglerfish attracts mates. Males vs. The team also videotaped a dwarf male fused to her underside — a permanent sperm donor. Increasingly, these ghoulish and improbable denizens of the abyss are being captured on video, revealing an array of surprising behaviors.

The anglerfish can extend its jaw and stomach, allowing the fish to store food until the next time a meal comes around — which could be a while.

angler fish male

When advancing, it swam intermittently at a speed of 0. Anglerfishes, in general, are named for the modified dorsal fin spine that they use to lure prey. The bacteria have lost most of the genes associated with making amino acids and breaking down nutrients other than glucose, suggesting the fish may be supplying the bacteria with nutrients and amino acids.

The largest known deep anglers are the warty seadevils.

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Genetics shed light on symbiosis of anglerfish and glowing bacteria