Applying an ethical theory

8 ethical theories

Ethical theory provides a basis for all these things. Content Analysis for the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Ethical theories in philosophy

Taking a Stand. By evaluating her decision through a utilitarian perspective, her action seems to be justified because she acted according to what she believed would reduce the overall quantity of pain by sparing her children of the incomparable agony brought on by slavery. Fostering Ethical Marketing Decisions. Therefore, further reflection is required. In other words, the ends, in this case the best proposal, justify the means, in this case, accepting that someone doesn't make the deadline. Emilia Sorensen November 17, The long debated question of the importance of men and women and their roles has raged on for years. Now we have to show that the maxim, I may accept proposals submitted after the deadline for evaluation, leads to something that is insensible as soon as a general law is made of it. Many people in the working world would like this to remain true, but in normal circumstances the boss would check performance. Having earned a Ph. Furthermore, sometimes I have a weird feeling when using utilitarianism; the feeling usually accompanies a question, are we thinking morally or economically? If we apply the second categorical imperative, always act as to treat humanity whether in your own person or in that of any other, in every case as an end, never as means only. Applying the question to Deontology and the work of Immanuel Kant, the answer would be all people regardless of gender should be treated equally.

For example, with respect to honesty, it would not be fair towards the other candidates that there will be made an exception for John. Bibliography De George, Richard T. Improving Marketing Education in the s.

Classical ethical theories

According to the theory this would be wrong, and immoral and has nothing to do with ones gender. Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals. Content Analysis in Consumer Research. From a utilitarian perspective, we must demonstrate that the action, in this case the acceptance of the submitted proposal of John after the deadline for evaluation, leads to the greatest happiness for the greatest number. In this case, we would expect from a virtuous person that he or she possesses the virtues reliability, objectivity, honesty, and impartiality. Before attempting to solve the ethical dilemmas relating to computing, one must determine which ethical theory should be applied to various situations. For example, many religions forbid medical care and in this case would nullify the situation all together. During her stream of consciousness after realizing that Beloved is the reincarnation of her dead baby, Sethe explains to the Beloved why she had to kill her. Consider the following case. Even though ethical theories have different reasons for application, there is an overlap in these theories that result in similar conduct in an ethical situation. And if they do, they provide different reasons why an action is morally acceptable or not. Google Scholar Donaldson T.

Therefore, further reflection is required. Morrison, Toni. The basis of ethical theory comes from Kant's categorical imperative, which states, "people should behave in such a manner that if everyone else acted the same way, everyone would benefit.

Applying an ethical theory

While Sethe does impose her definition of happiness on her children, her actions cannot completely qualify as paternalistic because murder would not benefit Beloved, as it is failing to respect her as a person. With the deontological approach, this is not the case, but rather each person is treated as an end in and of himself or herself.

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Ethical Theories and Application