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Your smile I am so very thankful, And moreso, for you as well. You have a good and gracious heart, But then, I always knew it. For example, a very long narrative poem, running into a several thousands of lines, dealing with divine figures or demi-gods or great generals of the past and describing a terrible war or an incredible journey on which the fate of humanity rests can be termed as epic.

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I'd listen as I never listened before, For she knew so well just what life had in store. It reminds me not too take things so hard, And so seriously every day.

This thank you for the gift poem has a variety of applications. Your smile can take my moods away, And help me to see it another way.

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How lovely are the old when they relate The things they did and thought long, long ago. Your smile can take my moods away, And help me to see it another way. How lovely are the old who string their days On memory's entrancing golden thread; Whose words are like a daily song of praise For what is past and what still lies ahead. This stands on my dressing table so that I can see it and be encouraged by it each morning:- A friend is one who knows who you are, understands where you have been, accepts who you have become and still gently invites you to grow. It can be small print; just so it's readable. Thank you so much, for believing in me, You gave me everything, the sky and the sea. Thank you for fond memories, And for feelings I'll always treasure. What is Christian faith? To you each child's unique and special, a beautiful little gem.

How lovely are the old who are as strings Of some rare, perfect instrument; Who make sweet harmony the while life sings, Playing the measure of a sweet content. To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian, There are more than poems at this site. There's a special pride in teachers, and a love for what you do.

It is what prompted the poem.

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Lowndes Some years ago a friend of mine gave me one of those small "Pass It On" cards with the following words on it. Thank you for your thoughtful ways; Thank you for brightening all my days. And since time in its flight is traveling so fast; Let's not spend it regretting that which is past; But let's make tomorrow a happier day By doing our "good to others"--TODAY!

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