Ayurved research papers

Ayurved research papers

Result: Both the drugs having an appreciable result in the management of Bala Tamaka swasa symptoms and significant changes in investigations. Another journal, IJAR was started with great expectations, but was closed with certain administration wrangles. These journals also publish high-quality articles occasionally. Options for sorting search results, and 9. Depending on clinical trial design the articles are classified into open label, single blind, double blind, randomized, nonrandomized, and so on. The DHARA database makes it possible to publish systematic reviews of prior work and this can help in setting priorities for future research in Ayurveda. Advanced search options can help to overcome this problem. Apart from the available services, options to automatically list the related articles, other articles by same author and controlled vocabulary search for Ayurvedic terminology will be integrated into the DHARA database in the near future.

In other words, the journal should have an independent editorial board and accept articles for publication only after internal editorial review and external peer review. On the other hand, keyword search may also fail to retrieve relevant information linked with synonyms of the search word.

DHARA does not deposit the full version of the articles directly.

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In other words, the journal should have an independent editorial board and accept articles for publication only after internal editorial review and external peer review. The system of promotions in universities also depends on the papers published by an individual in an academic calendar. The home page provides a snapshot of the information available in the database. Kishor Patwardhan. Simone Hunziker, Dr. The full name, first name, or last name of the author can be typed in the field with or without initials and the database will display the results. Conducting literature searches on Ayurveda in PubMed, Indian, and other databases. J Res Educ Indian Med. A combination of various terms from the controlled vocabulary can help to limit the search in a precise manner. Some of the international publishers also copyright the abstracts of research papers. This sole sign of life is affected in this disease Tamaka swasa, causing an impendent to the Respiratory function.

This feature is presently under testing and needs to be developed and fine tuned further. This is an issue only with respect to the high-impact paid access journals, which are published by professional publishers.

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Rajagopalan, Dr. In some cases, even abstracts are copyrighted and hence not displayed if not provided by the journal. There are many challenges that need to be surmounted before DHARA becomes fully functional and effective. With an evolutionary history that spans several thousands of years, Ayurveda is one of the oldest and meticulously codified systems of health care in the world. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Coimbatore — , Tamil Nadu, India E-mail: moc. Link to an electronic version is simply not available. It symbolizes the facilitation of the free flow of information on research in Ayurveda.

The articles are sorted automatically by publication date. The "OR" operator can be used to expand the scope further.

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Traditionally, new knowledge is disseminated through research papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Only the journals publishing papers exclusively on Ayurveda are indexed completely. Bharadwaj, Dr. In a similar way, titles can be searched with the field tag [ti]. Although the foundation has been laid for setting up a resource for indexing research papers published in the field of Ayurveda, it will be quite a challenge to keep the database updated and engaged in other maintenance tasks. A minimum sample of 30 patients in both groups will be assessed during the trial for 30 days with follow up of 15 days. These journals also publish high-quality articles occasionally.

In this way, the search options can be built in various permutations and combinations. Keyword search has limitations because it may pull up information not directly relevant to the keyword.

On the right side, the search summary is given indicating how many articles are available for the search with breakup of titles, abstracts, and paid or free full text access. Official recognition of Ayurveda in Switzerland is expected to create a favorable impact in Europe and other parts of the western world, and therefore this initiative assumes significance for Ayurveda at the global level.

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Similarly, a search URL can be built for retrieving articles related to clinical trials on a particular disease or a drug. Following this link will open a page that provides an alphabetical index to author names.

Feedback from users will help to chalk out the future action plan.

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