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As thoughts and views on gender roles and gender identity have undergone changes, trending opinions have contemplated this certain extravagant event Some contests have portions of that focus on talent and interview, but a majority of the points come from the beauty and grace of the contestants as well as their outfits.

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I do feel that child pageants, in particular, should be done in a way that every child feels special and a winner. They also display their figure in chosen apparel for a particular wear.

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Only when female public bathing became acceptable did beauty contests jump from the newspapers to the stage. The women in the pageants themselves use the experiences to achieve success in the world of fashion, modeling, and television.

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You also cannot improve your physical appearance, but you can improve your talent and skills. Violent video games and violent action films normally have age restriction son them so that children under the age of 15 or in some cases 18 cannot buy them.

As for health and fitness — you can be curvy and still be healthy and you could be stick-thin but not healthy.

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Pageantry has tainted the way young We need to teach the younger Show More The Problems and Pleasures of Pageants Beauty pageants have been questioned on whether or not their truly innocent. Players had to choose a number between 0 and I would put on fake nails, heels, makeup, and put a sparkly dress on. S states, and many others want it banned nationally. Another consequence of this feeling of inadequacy among women is their decision to go under the knife. Such a competition is the exploitation of women by men and other women. Cheris Kramarae
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Beauty of Beauty Contests Essay Example