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The year began like any other, our lives consumed with football and cheerleading.

Reflective essay on high school experience

The more competitive the school, the more important it will be to have a stellar admission essay. The campus was cold, literally and figuratively. So far, it has been two years. The more you organize your time and stick to a predictable schedule, the less likely you are to feel that dreaded overwhelming feeling. If the latter is true, how far will you be willing to travel? While in school, I did a number of activities. I walked into my first AP class senior year of high school, or in other words, I was late to the ballpark at any shot of college credit Senior year really helped me break out of my shell. I felt as if all of a sudden I began to doubt my capabilities It may also be unhealthy when students try to cheat their way into college.

It is pretty safe to assume that if someone asked any one of the students in this class about their experience in AP Calculus, many of them would say that they learned nothing and it was all the teachers fault.

Another huge stress is figuring out a way to pay for college.

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Another fun thing we did with my friends was wear the same costume during Halloweens. No one is going to sit over your shoulders in college to direct you or to keep you organized, so start to transition to independence now. A dream of creating a better life for ourselves and our families.

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The classes that everyone wants to stay away from but are forced to take anyway would be the core classes: science, math, history, and language arts Ask them what they like about the campus, the classes, and dorm life. It's people too, like my family. In college, each of your professors will provide you with a syllabus of assignments, topics, and test dates, and it will be your job to organize your time accordingly. Many people try to scare you by reassuring you that during college, you are completely on your own. Growing up an introvert was hard, I would always be the kid who sat in the back and kept their head down waiting for class to end trying to skip out on having to share. Bonus tip 2: if you plan this ahead of time, you can usually find a way to write a scholarship essay that doubles as an application essay. And after research, becoming a dental assistant did not interest me I felt as if all of a sudden I began to doubt my capabilities It is a time where you make friends and create a brotherhood with your teammates. Ask questions and keep detailed notes in your binders. Now that I am a senior, I don't have the same amount of homework to do as I did when I was a freshman. Learn how to write them: either take a course , hire an advisor , or do a self-study. It may also be unhealthy when students try to cheat their way into college.

Obviously, I'll never lose connection with my parents, but after next summer it's going to be different. I've always been excited to live in my own place, have a job, and earn my own money.

These two completely different teenagers just seem to have everything in common as well

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The Hard Reality of Being a High School Senior