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So what pain does your product alleviate? Use copy doodles like arrows and stars. What sites offer your favorite copywriting examples? But when you complete the statement with any of the list items it should read as one whole meaningful sentence. The goal here is to identify something unique or special about the product.

What you want to do first is explain how the product fulfills a need or desire. And do you know how to exploit them to their full potential? Headlines convince readers to click on your article and give your copy a fighting chance.

Remember that bullets like headlines are not necessarily sentences.

examples of bullet points

Save one powerful benefit for underneath the list. This is where customer surveys are a lifesaver. Here are my favorite copywriting tactics for converting traffic into paying customers.

marketing bullet points

This second question identifies who you would like to be selling to. Does writing bullet points and subheadlines bore you — or do you have fun fleshing out the benefits?

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10 Website Copywriting Mistakes and How to Fix Them