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The quality of the police man or woman, not their race or gender is what counts. Therefore, in situations like job and university applications, we should consider minorities to be as feasible a choice for hire as a white male candidate, taking into consideration their background. One way might be to tax the Hatfields, but another might be to give preferential treatment in terms of scholarships and training programs and hiring to the McCoys. But such a move, while we might make it as a lesser evil, could have serious consequences in allowing the demographic prejudices to dictate social policy. In fact, it is poor white youth who become the new pariahs on the job market. At the end of his essay supporting Affirmative Action, Albert Mosley points out that other groups besides Blacks have been benefitted by Affirmative Action, "women, the disabled, the elderly. Unfortunately, a neighbor stole it and gave it to little Michael, who gained the extra 13 inches - my 13 inches - and shot up to an enviable 6 feet 6 inches. In recent years, many people have called this policy into question.

Why does society have to step in and help them? I knew a brilliant philosopher, with outstanding publications in first level journals, who was having difficulty getting a tenure-track position. The fundamental unfairness and arbitrariness of preferences -- why should the under-qualified son of a black doctor displace the qualified daughter of a Vietnamese boat refugee?

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Group identifications like race and sex are, of course, immutable. After all, Christopher is white and, according to Affirmative Action, Steven is more deserving of admission based on his ethnicity which "increases the diversity of the institution by allowing students of different races and cultures the same opportunities.

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Naturally, combinations of oppressed classes e. The two Green kids respond well and end up with achievement test scores in the 99th percentile. But race and ethnicity or gender or sexual preference do not have a place on this list; these are traits, not achievements.

At this point we get into the problem of whether innocent non-blacks should have to pay a penalty in terms of preferential hiring of blacks. The aim of affirmative action in colleges is to raise the admissions rate for the minority groups that appear to be under-represented in institutions within the society.

Affirmative action argumentative essay

They may be innocent of oppressing blacks, other minorities, and women, but they have unjustly benefitted from that oppression or discrimination. If A steals B's car and wrecks it, A has an obligation to compensate B for the stolen car, but A's son has no obligation to compensate B. To have a claim to something means that one has earned it or deserves it. Also, if affirmative action advocacy is on race, it presupposes that individuals of certain skin color are poor, needy and so on and that it only depends on favors to survive. We do act freely and, as such, we are responsible for our actions. Perhaps we should simply admit that we lack sufficient evidence to pronounce on these issues with any certainty - but if so, should we not be more modest in insisting on equal results? Why do we have to decide whether all difference is environmental or genetic? The Equal Results Argument Some philosophers and social scientists hold that human nature is roughly identical, so that on a fair playing field the same proportion from every race and ethnic group and both genders would attain to the highest positions in every area of endeavor. Additionally, affirmative action sometimes rewards minority groups on erroneous perception that equates minority status as disadvantaged, making it reverse discrimination Chavez, The ironies of affirmative action: Politics, culture and justice in America. What good is a role model who is inferior to other professors or physicians or business personnel? Society did not force them to have 15 children. This is similar to the legitimacy of hiring Chinese men to act as undercover agents in Chinatown.

They cannot compete with the Greens.

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The Case Against Affirmative Action