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Home range sizes in North America are large, varying from 10 to square kilometers McCord and Cardoza ; typical home ranges are 16 to 20 square kilometers Quinn and Parker , Butts Fish and Wildlife Service's Canada Lynx web page. Canadian Journal of Zoology However, others found substantial overlap between territories of both the same and opposite sexed animals Nellis et al. Mowat, E. Long distance dispersal movements of up to several hundred kilometers have been recorded and dispersal is common and thought to be essential for population regulation Schwartz et. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.

Aubry, S. The wild mammals of Montana.

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The same is true of the Black product — which has deliberately been given a more subtle fragrance. Nature Rocky Mountain Front Ranger District. But most importantly, it sparked a global debate about masculinity, withdirect engagements with the film and more than 12, comments across all platforms.

Long-range movements of lynx in Alberta.

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Its sexual humour and over-the-top set-ups helped it appeal to young men and become one of the biggest brands in the male grooming sector. Wilson, D.

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Coca Cola and Lynx Marketing Essay