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Toward the end of the book, it is discovered that Harrow is actually alive, and that his death has been faked. Why does Misty allow her drinking habit to be replaced by the little green pills, even when they give her terrible headaches?

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It is never revealed in the end whether Peter recovered from his coma, but from Misty's descriptions of his state of health, he more than likely died.

Misty Marie Wilmot was in love.

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One of the beauties of reading the book is that? Ostensibly, Diary is Misty's "coma diary," written to tell Peter what he's missed, should he ever wake up. The one fault I? He loves to look at what taken-for-granted words could literally do, if allowed to mean what they say. During middle age, her husband dies, followed by all her children, resulting in a wave of great artistic creativity, the product of which is mesmerizing to the observing audience. Everything is a diary. Grace is often found with a diary, which it turns out is not of Grace's writings, but rather that of a dead artist from a century back by the name of Constance Burton. Perry These three islanders are referred to in Misty's diary as "local sea turtles. What is the effect of this confusion, and why might Palahniuk have chosen to begin this way?

Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. He arrests Misty under suspicion of murder and arson. That night, he dies in the hotel fire.

Diary by chuck palahniuk from a

There, dreamy Misty Marie meets eccentric Peter Wilmot, her husband-to-be and there stops what you would call the series of coincidences that make up the life of each of us. Misty is forced to fulfil a perverse sacrificial destiny for the island, joining the historic Waytansea School of Painters whose ghostly 19th-century originals have also scrawled cryptic messages of doom on the books and houses of the island. But the book intersperses her story with reams of facts about graphology, famous diseased artists, the odd ingredients used to make paint hues, old house-building and housewarming traditions, character-specific drinking-game rules, ersatz human weather reports "partly suspicious with chances of betrayal" , lists of china patterns, scientific names for anatomical facial details, and obsessively repeated phrases. Maura Kincaid and Constance Burton Two dead artists, both female, who had come to live on Waytansea Island in much the same manner as Misty. Why does Misty allow her drinking habit to be replaced by the little green pills, even when they give her terrible headaches? How surprising are the final few pages of the novel, and which revelations are most shocking? Why are these messages so difficult to understand? On page , Stilton says "The white supremacy movement and the Green Party have connections going way back. Now he is being sued by the angry owners who are discovering these messages, leaving Misty with nothing but failed dreams of being a famous artist. A young artist in this case Misty is lured to the island by an old piece of jewelry, she becomes pregnant and has her child within the community. Seymour, and Mrs.

Angel Delaporte Angel is a wealthy man who comes to live on the island. As is often the case in his books, the tics and twitches service a sort of prose-puzzle; read long enough, and they fade to a hypnotic, rhythmic drone, culminating in a series of minor thematic payoffs as the connections become clear.

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The reader? Why did Peter leave his messages in sealed rooms? Like a noxious Douglas Coupland, Palahniuk charts new-felt and totally contemporary categories of despair. How does Misty hope to change the future by sending her diary to Chuck Palahniuk [p. She regards her own face in the mirror with suspicion - she knows about all that unseen blood and muscle under the surface. If so, how? Why does she poke fun at her own background and her dreams of a perfect place like the island? Will Tupper A friend of Peter who now is bald and runs the ferryboat between the island and the mainland. One of the beauties of reading the book is that? It will be told by an acutely self-conscious narratorial voice. When Angel tries to help her escape, he tells her he had the pill tested, and that it contained powdered lead with trace amounts of arsenic and mercury, each of which are traditional ingredients in artistry paints linked to accidental self-poisoning. Publisher Doubleday Chuck Palahniuk packs his books with so many factoids, catchphrases, parallels, patterns, and repetitive motifs that it's a wonder he actually manages to wedge in a story. He still has scar-tissue from this incident. Introduction Diary is the eerie tale told by Misty Marie Wilmot, a waitress in a hotel, as her husband lies in a coma after a suicide attempt.

He hands out a gaze into an island of seriously venomous people. He is quite interested in graphologyand he and Misty go around to the various houses in which Peter has done construction work to see what sort of messages Peter has painted on the walls of these houses.

The address where the letter is sent is from Tecumseh, GA. Why are these messages so difficult to understand? The islanders believe that Misty is the reincarnation of these artists, as well as others, and Misty herself comes to believe this.

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Diary by Chuck Palahniuk