Discipline problem factors among school student

Discipline problem factors among school student

One difficulty frequently encountered by teachers is the problem of maintaining discipline. Lack of motivation from teachers.

ways to solve discipline problem in school

Involve me and I understand. Disciplinary problems among students also can happen with the influence of modernization such as the advancement of technologies, changing the life style, culture and students not abiding by religious teaching and values.

disciplinary problems among students

They feel that their students hate them and they cannot support their disruptive behaviour. Figure 2: Teaching Experience Although experience is important for each teacher, generally more than 10 teachers have more than one year teaching experience.

Solutions to indiscipline in schools

Does he move around? Overall, it seems that more experienced teachers have more abilities and strategies to deal with behaviour problem than the less experienced, and for the achievement of effective results and to create faster collaboration between students, good atmosphere and disciplined students are needed and can help teachers in the management of the classroom and the explanation of the lesson. Give learners opportunities to correct themselves. For ensuring the brightness of the lamp, it is necessary that the wick be in good order and the oil supply be sufficient. European of Social Sciences , Volume. Disruptive learners. Then, suggesting strategies and remedies to lessen this problem, which prevails among students. Effectively, disruptive behaviour of a student does not harm him or her, but disturbs the whole class, and in severe cases it jeopardizes the whole system. In this context, the teacher task is to engage students in learning and make them sinking deeper in the environment of active construction of knowledge.

They should obey the directions which given by their teachers. However, the teacher is both an instructor and a learner. The emotional stress which is brought on children by their families can eventually disrupt discipline in educational institutions.

Discipline problems in school articles

The students should conduct in a disciplined manner. Wee Ka Siong. This discipline problem will continue until the students enter the secondary school but the problem will become more serious such as skip class, sneak out, smoking, coupling, gangsters and vandalism. They should obey the rules and regulation of the school. However, parents can at least limit the access of some media resources to kids, that will greatly improve their behavior at school. Then, suggesting strategies and remedies to lessen this problem, which prevails among students. Teacher should predict with some accuracy, which topics will work and which will not from a course book. The classroom environment encompasses the physical environment-including learning resources and references for lessons, as well as the psychosocial environment; for instance, using ways to promote learning as a community to reduce the feeling of crowdedness and to deal effectively with misbehaviour. How can the teacher handle such problem and create interest and enthusiasm in his or her lectures?

If the teacher laughs, the students also laugh, why? They should obey the rules and regulation of the school. However, there are others who reported that whatever they do, they could not attain good results.

One reason is that all students depend on the teacher, and everything the teacher says will have an impact on the students.

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