Essay on jane eyre classes

Essay on jane eyre classes

The course of Jane's life in regard to her own education and her work in education are largely autobiographical, mirroring Charlotte Bronte's own life. At the time she leaves the school, Jane has experienced nothing but the dreary existence of a working class girl.

She is not influenced by the social class system, because instead of being fixed to one class, Jane changes from one class to the other. With the money, she goes back to her lover Rochester with a superior class standing, an event that I will discuss in more detail later.

It should also be noted that Jane eventually does 'go a-begging' and shortly thereafter lives with her poor relations and enjoys living with them a great deal.

Yes, Jane grew up in an abusive household and she was lower class until she met Mr. She may not like her as a friend, but she still recognizes her achievements and qualities more than Mrs.

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London: Macmillan Press, First, it shows that he has evaluated Jane on characteristics other than her economic status and appearance. In Jane Eyre, the depiction of a rigid social class restricts the protagonist, Jane Eyre, from marrying her love, Mr.

At a later stage in her life, when she inherits twenty thousand pounds from her uncle, she also reacts different from the traditional standards. But later she revealed that she was the author of the book. Throughout her entire life, Jane Eyre drifted in and out of different economic classes and remained locked in a state of social ambiguity.

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Jane Eyre and Class System