Essays on pakistan affairs

When the tribes merged into city states; the role of media also changed 7.

essay on current affairs of pakistan 2019 pdf

Here is the media pushing the world- towards construction or destruction Warring factions among Muslims and the peaceful nature of Islam Ummayads b. Muslim dynasties and peaceful face of Islam 7 www.

current affairs of pakistan 2019 pdf

Modern world media and democracy Can they Muslim countries and terrorist organizations share a common goal? The war during the reign of prophet and reasons for war 6.

Issues of science subjects Quantity and quality of teachers Quantity and quality of labs Availability of fund Availability of equipments and chemicals Availability of electricity Culture of experimentation Traditional concept of people about science

Essay on current affairs of pakistan 2019

Is the terrorism a political battle or a religious battle? Americas attack on Iraq and Afghanistan a. Its double policy with regard to democracy, human rights violation, atomic energy etc Stoppage of games: cricket and loss of revenue. Issues of college education Number of colleges as per population Number of lecturers as per students Choice of bright students a Pre-medical b Pre-engineering Social sciences second grade discipline Strikes Organizations Healthy activities a Literary b Cultural c Sports Issues of hostel for ruler students Issues of fee Amending the constitution 9. Policies of Government Fund allocation Educational policies Establishment of new universities and research institutes Parha-Likha Punjab Punjab educational foundation Teachers on contract Free books Stipends for girls Refreshment: milk and biscuits Special attention towards girls education Public private partnership Different monitoring system Introduction of tenure track system Migration of people VIII. Comparison with other countries Serious study and debate require The areas in which media can bring change a. Do different agencies control different terrorist groups and through different and through different ways influence terrorist groups to achieve their specific goals? Employment IV. No supervision at home for school work.
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Essays on Pakistan Affairs By Sobhan Ch.