Formal informal language learning experience

We were made to interact more and more by giving different situations based topic to discuss so as to practice group discussion in class; authentic texts were used to make the learning meaningful like reading newspaper headlines and describing the situations to the class.

Formal informal language learning experience

In CLT, the students are more responsible managers of their own learning and giving better results. Informal, or familiar, language is what you would use to talk to friends, family, and other people with which you are comfortable and casual. Or are we best left to our own devices? Thereafter after completing my secondary education I came to Kolkata where in I got a chance to learn Bengali i. Apart from the classroom learning English had never been the part of my interaction with teachers, friends, or family, so my knowledge of English was very limited yet sufficient to accomplish my assignments. Write about your past formal or informal language learning experiences any which is not your first language. Hence I would say consider this aspect of teaching more effective rather than traditional mode of teaching How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

End term Assignments- Related Papers. They tried to help me to understand and to speak English. The CLT based learning made me confident to speak in public and to put my views more firmly. Would you consider them to be effective or ineffective? In summarize, I learned Bangla before to English.

I grew up in northern part of India and Hindi is my native language. But are we able to learn as quickly or as well without a teacher to guide us? I was able to improve my pronunciation and intonation and where to stress on syllables. Give reasons for your answer.

Formal and informal learning of english

The goal of this method is productive and contextualized communication. Related Interests. Though they helped me with these two languages, none of them could teach me English. In summarize, I learned Bangla before to English. In order for me to reach greatness, I need to learn how to reflect on my past and presence life, to challenge myself in every aspect of learning, to motivate myself in every class that I will take, and equally important, to know that success depends on me. Ran Srivastava End term Assignments- Section B Write about your past formal or informal language learning experiences. There are three basic methods of teaching language Structural method, functional method and Interactive method.

Here my intention is not to point out that formal training is not helpful, instead the issue with formal training is that it lacks some of the ingredients in the training which results in students non -performance in public speaking and presentations. Where only speak the language I want to learn.

formal and informal language
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(DOC) Past Formal Or Informal Learning Experience