Fractured femur

Oblique fracture.

Walking after femur fracture

Evaluation of a fall-prevention program in older people after femoral neck fracture: a one-year follow-up. If you have knee pain after surgery, tell your doctor. To do this, he or she may use screws, metal plates, wires, or pins. Treatment of a Femur Injury In the emergency department, the patient receives an IV and blood products if necessary. June , Volume 87, Issue 6, Pages The pins and screws are attached to a bar outside the skin. Your healthcare provider may make other repairs, if necessary. Epidemiology[ edit ] Femoral shaft fractures occur in a bimodal distribution, whereby they are most commonly seen in males age due to high energy trauma and females aged 75 or older pathologic fractures due to osteoporosis, low-energy falls.

Sit on a shower stool to avoid falling while showering. Unless the pressure is relieved quickly, permanent disability may result.

chronic pain after femur fracture

However, if surgery is not needed, you can expect to be in a body cast from six weeks to three months, depending on the displaced fracture.

During this operation, the bone fragments are first repositioned reduced into their normal alignment. Ask what your surgeon will use in your case. This will depend on the type of injury you have.

Fractured femur

Targeted exercises against hip fragility. These devices are called internal fixators. This device is a stabilizing frame that holds the bones in the proper position.

femur fracture symptoms

The length of your recovery will depend on how severe your fracture is, whether you have skin wounds, and how severe they are.

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Femoral Shaft Fractures