Gemini taurus cusp love match

Mix with this is the energy of the Taurus and you really do have a winning combination. As they avoid talking about their emotions, many never know how they really feel. They possess a natural magnetism and zest for life that draws others to them.

This is one very happy love affair, cause the sensual Pisces partner will find great comfort in this person who is more is more practical, and the one lover that gives priority to facts and pure direction, while Pisces belongs to idealists and looking for a special feeling for every situation.

Taurus gemini cusp compatibility with aquarius

Also, tell them to take a nap. Still, they try. It needs to be clear that he does not want to be followed, but he will enjoy it if he can do things as he wants. There is no doubt that this woman is capable of doing anything she wants in life, she is both strong, and seductive, people admire her in some way, they love how brave and uncompromised she is. The downside to Gemini and Taurus combination is that you can put a lot of energy into things. But the thing that must not be forgotten is the fact that these people are very sensitive, although they never give that impression. It is important to be expressive about your feelings and not bottle up your emotions. But while you're chatting and socializing up a storm, don't forget to give others a chance to shine, too. They may seem like cold and calculated, but if they love deeply, they are vulnerable. They do not want to feel overly reliant on their partners and try to exercise independence and self sufficiency as much as possible. Their creative side may encourage them to explore writing, drama or other artistic outlets through which they can express themselves. Taurus partners will, in particular, like the loving and passionate lovers they find in their Gemini Taurus mates.

He knows that he is capable of building a road that leads to success; he enjoys living luxuriously and surrounds himself with nice things. Independence is important to those who embody the Gemini cusp.

This is especially true when it comes to Gemini Taurus cusp signs in and beyond.

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It is important for the Gemini Taurus cusp and the Virgo Libra cusp partners to strive hard to achieve consistency and understand each other well if this relationship is to succeed! There is no agenda. It needs to be clear that he does not want to be followed, but he will enjoy it if he can do things as he wants.

On this cusp, you feel the influence of both friendly, sensual Venus Taurus' ruling planet and quick and outgoing Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini -- this makes you quite the socialite!

Ultimately, with their exceptional chemistry, planning, and determination, they will achieve any goal they have set their eyes on.

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In some way, these people who are born in the cusp between Taurus and Gemini sign, are craving for changes in their life and want to have as many experiences as possible, they are drawn to them, but deep inside they can be afraid of that idea, so they opt not to change.

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Taurus Gemini Cusp of Energy (May 17