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He admires the beauty of the frost and how it has changed the landscape, but he knows that the frost is temporary and the spring, with its promise of summer lies just beneath the frost. Much of the language used in these comparisons is archaic or unfamiliar, so use of the note and a dictionary is vital to understand those unfamiliar descriptions. Lewis" StudyMode. In Oxford. The most prominent imagery used was snow, for example, brilliant, white, diamonds, bridal gear. The colon introduces a list of what the frost has created which could be seen as flowers but actually aren t. This allows the seeds the chance to sprout, grow and break out of the soil to promise future life and growth. Surely everyone has seen frost on grass? A frost came in the night and stole my world And left this changeling for it - a precocious Image of spring, too brilliant to be true: White lilac on the window-pane, each grass-blade Furred like a catkin, maydrift loading the hedge.

Think of the patterns that frost forms on glass, and how it sparkles in the early morning sunlight. Frost is a deposit of small white ice crystals formed on damp or wet surfaces when the temperature falls below freezing.

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He has "had worse partings" yet no parting annoys him as much as this one: "but none that so gnaws at my mind still". All this indicates that the changeling is only pretending to be spring. Why is there a colon at the end of line 3?

All she has now are the ordinary little plants, the meagre little gifts, which flower in winter.

This technique does rely on readers knowing which plants flourish in which season, and so runs the risk of readers not understanding the essence of the poem. The verbs are: came, stole and left. Hard Times The most prominent imagery used is the frost and snow, likening them to brilliant white diamonds, which shine and reflect in the sunlight. Also, personification was used, like the dry and dead forest coating with shiny, white frost was personified as a raw country maid wearing a borrowed bridal gear for a few hours. It makes the hard frost glitter and gleam, shooting off light blazing as a diamond does when it catches the light The poet addresses the frost as Mockery spring. Why does the poet call all that he has described as such beauty up till then this flounce and filigree of death line 15?

What is unseen is what is real and important. The most prominent imagery used was snow, for example, brilliant, white, diamonds, bridal gear Things used to describe the hard frost were beautiful, shiny and bright.

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This is a severe form of frost. An image is a picture of something, in this case it is a picture of spring, not the real thing, It is precocious because, like a child who is forward behaving in 6 6 a way too mature for her age, it is still winter not spring This changeling is not natural as it is too brilliant to be true.

Explain your answer.

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Free Essay: The Hard Frost' by C. Day. Lewis