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It saves time and relieve severity of traveling difficulties. The 3rd Generation The era of transistors was short lived because inintegrated circuits became the next great thing in developing semiconductor technology.

Digitalisation of everything No one can afford not to digitise services, according to Schmidt.

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They also generated a lot of heat and used large amounts of electricity, the ENIAC used kilowatts of electrical power!

Latest Trends and Near Future Expectations by Computers While discussing changes computer has made in human life, it's worth mentioning the changes computer bring in the near future. The project, funded by the English government, is a failure.

How computers have changed the world

Ever since, computers have been developed into smarter machines by honchos of leading information technology conglomerates. If it is not exaggerated, our younger generation has become addicted to use these modern tools. If we straggled in a city or desolated place, these technology help us reaching exactly where we want to be. Computers were initially used only in workplaces. More entrepreneurs Schmidt is convinced that we need to produce more entrepreneurs everywhere, and calls upon universities and governments all over the world to encourage entrepreneurship and new ideas. Change the way we work The fear that the job market might be destroyed due to the onset of technology is not new, but with the development of new technology, automation might happen a lot faster than before. It covered square feet of floor space and weighed 30 tons. The use of a computer as a calculating device takes away the monotonous task of calculating by brute force. Help us solve global challenges According to the Google boss it is only our own creativity and innovation that limits the possible use of computer technology. It helps to resolve problems human life encounters in daily life. Back in the olden times, corporate houses rented spaces for running accounting departments. Right from simple machines to complex mechanisms, these inventions have only brought about a sea change in the way we function today. The 2nd Generation Then in , the second generation of computers hit. Factories will be transformed into one single machine that accept raw material at one point and the other point receives output of finished products.

Computer has made massive makeover in education field. It flops but eventually evolves into the Macintosh. The magnetic drum is a metal coated cylinder with magnetic iron-oxide material which stored data and programs.

Three decades ago, if anyone has a doubt to be clarified in a learning process, finding right expert itself was a cumbersome task and there may not be available further opinion about the subject.

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However, with the advent of computers, the concept of manual entries and use of human brain to remember and memorize company's financial operations became obsolete. Doctors and nurses can access to this data easier which resulted in decreasing the process of time.

More benefits for more people Schmidt is a firm believer that technological innovation will ensure more benefits for more people — giving them access better products, services and information. He believes that computer technology will continue to improve the standard of living and create opportunities for everyone.

Machine Learning ML Machines are being capable to learn new things to accomplish what humans want to get it done.

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How Computers Have Changed the World