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Men, women, teenagers as well as older generation Men - Sunscreen lotions, Deodorant Women - Daily skin care products, hair care products Teenagers - Hair colour products, Garnier Light Fairness cream Older Generation - Cream to fight signs of ageing, wrinkles A female would never purchase a sunscreen lotion meant for men and vice a versa.

Rather, Ikea aims to provide the simple products that are tested against durability. These younger consumers have the appetite to technology and modern style Wei, To achieve this, the products are designed to suit the needs of this target market.

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Thats brand positioning. Journal of Marketing Education, 30 1 Sekilas gambaran tentang IKEA VISI Menciptakan sesuatu yang lebih baik setiap harinya untuk kehidupan semua orang.

Patients suffering from a particular ailment Anheuser Busch Budweiser premium beer for beer connoisseurs Oshkosh Corporation emergency crash, rescue vehicles, refuse vehicles etc.

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IKEA Brand Analysis