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According to available data it is also the largest employer in the services sector and maximum growth in the non-agricultural sector has been witnessed by retail trade. Big hoardings are placed outside the mall to educate the people moving out on the road on various offers. The thought behind this pioneering concept was to give customers an unobstructed and a pure shopping experience and to ensure the best brands in the India market are made available to the discerning Indian customer. Marketing Orientation…………………………………………………………………4 4. Same goes with the non apparels like sunglasses, baggage, female hand bags and jewellery. This is the basic structural adjustment in case of any transforming economy. These services are made available to the customers so that they can avail then at their convenience.

Macro environmental factors…………………………………………………8 6. It is a common knowledge that the Union government has to face a number of hurdles both from it's opponents as well as it's allies before it could announce the final verdict.

The participants in the retail market hold the presence of market in the cities as a signal to their growth. The Central Services is only platter on which Central differentiates itself from its competitors Lifestyle and Shoppers stop.

The retail firms have made lumpy investments in Enterprise Resource Planning System as a strategy for their growth and development. The project also include the activities of Gurgaon Central during the weekends and other promotional shopping festivals as well as the value added services that the Mall provides to its customers that intend to increase the footfalls.

Traditional retailers can use this situation in their favor by taking franchisees of the mega players of this industry. It is true that such investments will bring in huge imports but this may also help in the Indian products reaching the foreign consumers. This is just the beginning and Indians are sanguine that the sector will see rosy days in the future.

Communication industry is a collection of firms that attempt to inform, persuade and remind consumers about the products and services of various organisations. But the consequences have been even worse- earning lower than expected wages Harris Todaro model of migration.

the impact of consumer sales promotion on customer buying behavior

Init launched Bid Bazaar, a hypermarket chain that combines the look and feel of Indian bazaars, with aspects of modern retail, like choice, convenience and hygiene. Growth of the Retail Sector In India In this section we may deal with the growth of the organized as well as the unorganized retail sector of India.

So the unorganized retail market in India has born out of fate rather than selection.

the effect of recession on promotional activities

In a communication process feedback is as much as important as the message.

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Impact of promotional activities on consumers’ behaviour at shopping malls in Coimbatore city