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Joy finds a way back to Headquarters through a broken recall tube, but after Sadness almost turns the core memories sad, Joy decides to leave her and Bing Bong behind.

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The idea to depict it through animation excited Docter, who felt it the ideal form to portray "strong, opinionated, caricatured personalities". He met with Rivera and Del Carmen that night to explain his change of plans, and to his surprise, they reacted positively to it.

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As Joy and company close in on their destination, Anger, Disgust, and Fear finally reason that, if Riley was only happy in Minnesota, there is no choice but to tell her to return there and prepare to run away from her own family.

He soon reached a breakthrough: that emotions are meant to connect people together, and that relationships are the most important things in life. They are soon assisted by Riley's childhood imaginary friend Bing Bonga scrappily-dressed pink cotton candy-elephant-cat-dolphin creature.

When this fails, Disgust has an idea. Bing Bong figures out that they're too heavy together and starts the rocket one last time, then jumps off as it begins to fly.

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As he starts to fade away, Bing Bong lastly asks Joy "Take her to the moon for me, okay? Although it was a "scary moment", the film remained in production. Sadness and Joy press the button together, making Riley cry tears of joy, creating a new core memory — only this one is a mixture of yellow and blue; both Joy and Sadness. Joy, in despair, starts to gather the core memories and reminisce about happier times, stating "I just wanted Riley to be happy. Joy desperately tries to dispose of it by using a vacuum tube that leads to the mind world, but a struggle with Sadness leads to the core memories being knocked out from the container. Initially, this crisis was to be set at a Thanksgiving Day pageant, in which Riley was hoping to be cast as its lead role, the turkey. Although Joy attempts to keep this revelation positive, Sadness comforts a crying Bing Bong which leaves Joy more confused than ever as to how being sad could help Bing Bong. Meanwhile, in Riley's mind, Anger, Disgust, and Fear are doing their best to guide Riley through her new surroundings. It was difficult to achieve the correct tone for the film; for example, viewers could not be distracted by Joy's nature or feel negative about the mess she helps steer Riley into. Disgust also notes a large red alarm labeled "Puberty" and questions what it does; however, Joy dismisses it as "not important". Rashida Jones as Cool Girl's emotions [12] Several of the filmmakers also contributed some voice acting, including director Pete Docter as Father's Anger, [11] and co-writer Ronnie del Carmen as one of the abstract thought mind workers. They've had writers work on it since then.

In lateDocter noticed his pre-teen daughter, Elie, exhibiting similar shyness. Like Docter, Cooley and LeFauve included experiences with raising their own children into the screenplay. The most relevant memories, known as core memoriespower up five "islands" in Riley's subconscious, each reflecting a different aspect of her personality: Family Island, Friendship Island, Goofball Island, Hockey Island, and Honesty Island.

Meanwhile, with Disgust, Anger, and Fear in control, Riley's life begins to crumble.

Inside out

We don't want to call her and have her think we're some weirdo,'" he recalled. Voice Cast. In addition, the film did not have as much input from chief creative officer John Lasseter , who was focused on restructuring Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank at the time of its production. He met with Rivera and Del Carmen that night to explain his change of plans, and to his surprise, they reacted positively to it. Initial ideas for the film found the main character, Riley, falling into a deep depression: Docter later felt they were inappropriate and scrapped them, although in the final film Riley does sink into a depression. At night, Joy and her fellow emotions finally reach the loading dock, although it is now so late that the Train of Thought will not arrive until morning. Docter gradually began to feel that the story was not working, which made him think that he might get fired. Like Docter, Cooley and LeFauve included experiences with raising their own children into the screenplay. Sadness successfully removes the idea of running away from Riley's mind, which fixes the control panel and makes Riley give up on running away, and she decides to return home to her worried parents. The credits also show scenes of what the emotions of other characters are like, such as Riley's teacher, the worker in the pizzeria, the cool girl, Jangles the clown, Gary the bus driver, a dog, and a cat. Joy realizes that Sadness's main role in Riley's personality is to tell others when she needs help, and by preventing Riley from feeling sad, she was also preventing her from feeling true happiness.
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