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In most cases of reclined writing, the father has played a weak or negative role, and positive male identification is jeopardized. This aspect o f pressure has more to do with the manner in which a person grasps the pen than it does with muscular energy.

These people cry and laugh readily, give vent to their feelings, are future- and goal-oriented and have an ardent, affectionate, amiable and sensitive emotional nature. After you have felt a lot of samples, you will begin to know when a writing is unusually heavy or unusually light in pressure.

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The more the writing leans to the right past 4, the more extreme the social and emotional behavior. He is open to the experience of the moment, but his responses are cautious and considered. On the minus side, sharp writers are cold, resentful and somewhat unable to enjoy their experiences.

Sexual energy has been displaced into work or other goal-directed pursuits. Yet in the final analysis, we must assume that when a writer is allowed to adjust his body position to the pen and writing surface, he will, regardless of handedness, produce the slant that correctly describes his ability to express himself socially.

As you study the sample you note that the strokes maintain an equality with the background of the pagethey arent thick or thin. They have a fixation on the mother figure which blocks the avenue to emotional maturity.

In this case the wife or partner is seen as an extension of the motherlson relationship. The energy pouring outward is the life force of the ego as seen in the writing stroke. Why is this so? Four Widths of Stroke Standard.

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Ruth Gardner (Author of Instant Handwriting Analysis)