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These are legal safeguards, stable currency and existence of financial institutions to aid savings and forms of business organization. Characteristics of different assets are different from each other and they perform differently in different economic scenario and market conditions.

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Such investor considers the potential of the earning growth of a company to exceed the competition in the same industry and seek to maximise capital gain by buying into such companies.

The demand for housing thus depends on the relative price of housing which in turn depends on the demand for housing, which depends on the imputed rent.

Factors Favourable 4. Various stocks were looked at, and initial investments were made using data from their histories. Although value and price of financial securities may be identical, there is a difference between the two.

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During inflation, the nominal interest on mortgage increases, the tax benefits of home ownership rise. Being a woman and possessing limited knowledge about investments and market, she will invest more of the money in safe and simple securities. Because of the development of technology and a growing economy in the past decades, Chinese people have extra money and the ability to invest more HAO, This paper focuses on the appropriateness of direct investment in Egypt. A Stable Currency: A well-organized monetary system with definite planning and proper policies is a necessary prerequisite to an investment market. These three conditions are major considerations by investors in stock market especially during the period of economic hardships. If the debt is manageable to pay down with reasonable effort, then paying down the debt can be a great investment.

If it would had invested in other financial and earning assets then it would have earned an interest. Cost incurred on the maintenance of the house, i.

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Established in , they have grown to become one of the most highly respected and awarded hedge fund management and research groups Yet there are peculiarities inherent in the concept of investment advice. The principal amount is fixed plus interest earned. Mortgages represent the financing of real estate. Some are familiar; others are relatively new and unidentified. Inflation: Every developing economy is phased with the problem of rising prices and inflationary trends. It has also often been confused with the term speculation. Value investing and random walk theory provides mechanism of determining performance of stock investment. Further, this strategy brings flexibility. William R.

The end of recession led to a strong surge of stock prices and this critical area affects decisions of value investors and random walkers. Patricia will look for someone who has a vast experience and success in the investment field, and at the same time very professional Reasons for holding inventories: 1.

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