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Points cannot be redeemed on Marketplace, grocery or drugstore items. Proprietary brands held by both companies could be made more accessible to their target demographics by leveraging their combined real estate holdings. The filing stated that "by evaluating potential partnerships or other transactions that could expand distribution of our brands and service offerings, we can position both businesses to achieve greater success.

During this period, Sears will continue selling Craftsman products royalty-free under a licensing agreement. The Sears store I visited was a two-story affair with apparel on the main floor and appliances and home goods upstairs. Purchase requirement before taxes and after other discounts and must be made in a single transaction.

Orders need to meet the minimum for free shipping after points are applied to qualify. Offer not valid with any other offer. However, these investments performed poorly in the fourth quarter.

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However, investors are claiming that this is due to tax refunds and that sales are still falling for both Kmart and Sears.

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Sears and Kmart are closing these 26 stores in October