Literature review on human resource management essay

Dessler, outlined four strategic tools that could be used to enhances employees abilities and proficiencies, such as employees satisfaction, loyalty, motivation and satisfactions.

Literature review on human resource management essay

However, HRD mechanism needed work highlighted on the essential dimensions like reward more attention with reference to factors like rewards, system, motivating employees, career development feedback counseling, and focus on learning. Formal training is just one of the possibilities for organisations to enhance the personnel performance level, as important roles are covered also by organizational socialization Chao, and multitasking May, An assessment of HRD climate in Change process is also required in The Saurashtra University.

This quest for empirical evidence is complicated by the fact that Human Capital is an intangible asset that is not easily captured in financial statements but is nevertheless incorporated into market value. Chaudhary et al.

research on human resource management

A and Tarab S. The ideal design for achieving high internal validity is an experimental design with random assignment of HR practices to ensure that the treatment and control groups do not differ in terms of other organisational characteristics affecting performance Ichniowski et al.

An organization gains competitive advantage by using its people effectively, drawing on their expertise and ingenuity to meet clearly defined objectives.

literature review on hr policies and practices
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(PDF) Human Resource Development: A Literature Review