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Sounds of laughter could be heard from the room of Sarojini Naidu.

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There was the year-long period of prolific journalistic writings by Mahadevbhai in various publications spread across the country — Delhi, Allahabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Chennai - besides reports that he filed for API which did not carry his by-line. Mahadevbhai was chronicling history as it was happening between and Haribhai was a straightforward and simple man who would not hesitate to trust anyone readily. One who has succeeded in discarding his identity with the body has understood the Gita correctly! He was the harbinger of Gandhi's thoughts and experiments. If you look at almost the fifty books that he wrote, you would realize the propriety of Gandhi's statement about him. He also translated into Gujarati from English, Nehru's Autobiography in

But his heart had ceased to throb. Sarojini Naidu saw him shaving with full involvement. Gandhi told the couple to accompany him on his tour to Bihar and then finally decide what to do.

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While the pages of original prints of Young India and Harijan have been moth-eaten, torn and turned brittle, fortunately these have been reprinted and kept in bound volumes. He also said: "Remaining the disciple, Mahadev became my Guru.

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It was during one such meeting in Bombay that Gandhi expressed his mind, in the following words, to Mahadev Desai: It is not without reason that I have asked you to visit me every day. Responding to that Mahadev and Narahari Parikh offered their criticism jointly and awaited a reply from Gandhi. Desai was sentenced to a year's rigorous imprisonment for his writings in — his first stint in prison. This was so ably and meticulously done by Mahadevbhai that Broomfield and Reginald Maxwell soon began to treat him as their friend. Mahadev came the next day. He made all the arrangements. He said: "How can I give the dead body to strangers? He stared at Mahadev without blinking. The challenge before me to discover Dadaji, the journalist, was somewhat different from what confronted Babubhai in his endeavour to write the biography. Sushila and I reciting Gita. Narahari Parikh was then with Gandhi in Champaran.

He liked walking. Babubhai found so much in the writings of these people about Mahadevbhai that it became a difficult task to select what to include and what not to include in the biography.

Walked with me.

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After the conference Gandhi was to go straight to Champaran.

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