Martin luther king junior essay contest

People keep getting killed every day. We need the light you shed along time ago to come back. Getting advice from you is like getting advice from Stephen Curry on shooting a basketball.

We have too many people who use guns in the wrong ways or situations. Back then did you have so many people with anger management issues?

paragraph on martin luther king

I sure appreciate you taking the time to read my letter in heaven. While he hasn't betrayed me physically where I don't see him at all, he has not been available when it was possible for him to be. No one is born racist; you are simply raised that way. Rosa Parks fought for her seat because she thought it was unfair for African-Americans to be required to sit in the back of public buses, but she wasn't the unkind one.

He would also be very appreciative of those who defend America. Martin Luther King says it all, "There comes a time when silence is betrayal. I have to give you credit because even though the world is not a perfect place to be in, you put a giant footstep toward equality in the world.

Children of Ohio University Southern faculty and staff are not eligible.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Poster/Essay Contest