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What language do the Navajo Indians speak? He contributed to the following list: Navajo land is among the most scenic in the world. According to Tsosie, even the worst jokes are cracked in fun. The many stories told about the Coyote are told over time on long winter nights spent at home. Their favorite trading partners were the Pueblo tribes. Chubby is not the traditional shape. No--the Navajo Indians weren't coastal people, and rarely traveled by river. Perhaps too much mutton stew is a bad thing? Our website was first created in and last updated in The Navajo Nation has its own government, laws, police, and services, just like a small country.

On their site you can find information about the Navajo people in the past and today. It comes from a Pueblo Indian word for "planted fields" or "farmlands.

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The Holy People are believed to have the power to aid or harm the Earth People. He is important because he has knowledge of the heritage and culture of the Navajo and because he has a tie to the past, a tie to The People's history, legends, and myths that are slowly fading away as the old die.

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Even artwork was separated by gender. He must learn songs and prayers, none of the wording of which can be missed; he must learn many different types of herbs for his healing; he must, through many trips into different areas of the country, obtain the necessary items for his sacred medicine bag; he must purify himself by many hours of contemplation in the sweat hut; he must then have faith in the Great Spirit and in himself that he will be able to heal. In the Navajo culture and traditions there are over 24 different Chantway ceremonies preformed by singers, and over twelve hundred different sandpainting designs that are available to the medicine men. Navajo men at Yebichai sweat The Navaho life is particularly rich in ceremony and ritual, second only to some of the Pueblo groups. The Navajos had different ideas about war than Europeans did. The tools used to dig the grave are destroyed. What are Navajo arts and crafts like? Black is referred to as north, white represents east, blue represents south, and yellow is represented as west. Although some chants could be as long as nine days and require dozens of helpers.

Today, most Navajo men and women wear contemporary clothing and hairstyles on a daily basis, dressing in traditional styles and jewelry for ceremonial and special social gatherings.

There are also many less important ceremonies occupying four days, two days, and one day in their performance. At the Fry Bread contest you'll see how it's really made Thanks for your interest in the Navajo Indian people and their language!

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Navajo artists are famous for their colorful woven rugs and silver and turquoise jewelry. Superstition Superstition plays an important role in the Navajo people. What language do the Navajo Indians speak? We encourage students and teachers to visit our Navajo language and culture pages for in-depth information about the tribe, but here are our answers to the questions we are most often asked by children, with Navajo pictures and links we believe are suitable for all ages. He will tell the young and remind the old that the harmony of one's life and the universe and the order of all things is very important to the well-being of the individual. Do they exist? Was this page useful? When the Hogan is finished, a medicine man blesses the home in beauty, with happiness from all directions, from the earth and the sky, with protection from illnesses and all things evil, with the promise of shelter to the family and anyone in need. You can visit this site to learn more about the Navajo religion or this site about Native American religions in general. These visits are to be avoided at all costs, and for this reason, Navajos are very reluctant to look at a dead body. Once the body is interned, great care is taken to ensure that no footprints are left behind. They include: When a woman is about 8 months pregnant, a ceremony is performed for protection and a safe birth When someone outside the immediately family makes a baby laugh for the first time, a First Laugh ceremony is performed When a child starts to walk, a First Footprint ceremony is performed When girls and boys are 12 or 13 years old, puberty ceremonies are performed When young people are 16 to 18 years old, coming-of-age ceremonies are performed to show they are now adults When people get married, a wedding ceremony is performed. Shirts were not necessary in Navajo culture, but both men and women wore deerskin ponchos or cloaks of rabbit fur in cool weather, and moccasins on their feet. Both men and women wore their hair gathered into a figure-eight shaped bun called a tsiyeel, though some Navajo men did begin cutting their hair to shoulder-length in the Pueblo style during the early 's. Crushed yellow ochre, red sandstone, gypsum, and charcoal were used to create the images during their chants.

Crying and outward demonstrations of grief are not usually seen when someone dies. Can you recommend a good book for me to read?

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Superstition Superstition plays an important role in the Navajo people. The number four permeates traditional Navajo philosophy.

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