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Deprivation can be caused by overdose or shortage;both conditionshappen in Junkspace often at the same time. More and more,more is more. Corpotainmentis a galaxy in contraction,forced to go throughthe motions by ruthlessCopernican laws. The combined pollutionof all ThirdWorldcars,motorbikes, trucks,buses,sweatshopspales into insignificancecompared to the heat generated byJunkspace.

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It creates communities not out of shared interest or free association, but out of identical statistics and unavoidable demographics, an opportunistic weave of vested interests. It does not signify beauty, but guilt.

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Oxygenbanks,FortKnoxes of chlorophyll,eco-reservesas a blank check for furtherpollution. Then Junkspace spreads like a forest fire in L. Heterotopia is not a theory either. Silicone implants? Each element performsits task in negotiated isolation. First,it escapes fromits containers-semantic orchids that needed hothouse protectionemergingwithsurprisingrobustness-then the outdoorsitselfis converted:the streetis paved more luxuriously,sheltersproliferate carryingincreasingly dictatorial messages, trafficis calmed, crime eliminated. I wish I was as entertaining as Rem. With enormous difficulty-budget,argument, negotiation, deformation-irregularityand uniqueness are constructed from identicalelements. Its specific configurationis as fortuitousas the geometryof a snowflake. Fascism minus dictator. Change has been divorced from the idea of improvement. Hence, it may be legitimate to read his essay indeed as kind of a seriously taken diagnosis. The outing of Junkspace has triggered the professionalizationof denaturing, a benign eco- fascismthatpositionsa rare survivingSiberian tigerin a forestof slot machines, near Armani,amid a twistedarboreal Baroque Traditionally,typologyimplies demarcation,the definitionof a singularmodel that excludes other arrangements.

It is just 1 single concept that could be used as an ingredient for a theory. Junkspacecan eitherbe absolutely chaotic or frighteninglyaseptic-like a best-seller-overdetermined and indeterminateat the same time.

Junkspace representsa reverse typologyof cumulative,approximativeidentity, less about kind than about quantity. There are too manyrawneeds to be realized on onlyone plane.

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Junkspace, extracted.