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However, consumers are all the time becoming more technologically aware, and their distrust of technological innovation may be lessening.

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Mobile technologies for communications, for accessing the Internet and for mobile commerce transactions are being adopted extremely rapidly; indeed, over the few last years mobile devices have become the consumer product that has been most quickly adopted to date Dholakia et al.

These are as a result of the inappropriateness of motivational strategies that have beclouded the banking industry over time.

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Customer data plays an important role in allowing banks to connect with customers in a personally relevant way and provide value that is less likely to be matched by third party apps. Interestingly, one of his six hypotheses also reviewed that people of different education levels differ in their preferences for performance and payment.

Figure 2 outlines electronic banking customer uptake estimates for Europe, US, South Korea and Japan in the years In the financial services industry, the major changes brought about by developments in information technology involve particularly the link between consumers and firms, and the generation of new service products Devlin and Wright He discovered that performance depends very much on a credible supporting performance management framework that is fair and consistently applied.

Methodology The study adopted the correlational design. Steve L.

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Make it visual One common complaint we heard from customers was that banking apps are cold and unfriendly. Five reasons why banks need to deliver on the needs of young adults now: Threat of disruption due to unbundling of traditional banking services Services, one at a time, are being unbundled from traditional financial services companies and millennials are more than happy to experiment with their dollars. All in all, one can say that the infusion of new technologies into the services sector is ubiquitous, and that it will continue to increase Bitner et al. It starts by turning unfocused savings accounts into goal-oriented savings buckets. Nowadays, technology runs through every part of the banking business. According to Deutsche Bank Research the share of on-line banking could rise from 8. These are as a result of the inappropriateness of motivational strategies that have beclouded the banking industry over time. APA Onyeukwu, P. Money transfers and mobile payments are becoming increasingly important moments in the lives of young adults. In Finland this evolution has gone beyond that in Europe; thus the banks in Finland already offer services that can be categorised as belonging to step three in the framework. It is obvious that electronic banking cannot be detached from the context of Internet, which has had and will continue have to a significant impact on the diffusion of electronic banking.

Therefore, the innovation of the study in Nigerian banking industry cannot be overstated. Undoubtedly, there has been a reshaping of the behavioural patterns that exist between consumers and their financial institutions.

One is led to consider whether reluctance to change banks is based on strong feelings of loyalty, or merely to high costs deriving from the need to compare various service offerings often of considerable complexityto change bank cards and electronic banking key codes, and so on Harrison

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