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In June, the court sentenced Bridget Bishop to be hanged, and Nathaniel Saltonstall resigned from the court, perhaps without attending any of the sessions to that point.

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Court of Oyer and Terminer: May - October When the new Massachusetts Governor William Phips arrived from England in mid-May ofhe found that he needed to deal with a backlog of cases of accused witches who were filling up jails.

Thomas Danforth, Boston: a landowner and politician, he was known as a conservative. The war on witches: Where history happened 1 Pendle Hill, Lancashire Mass witch trials were rare in England, primarily due to the workings of common law, which prevented individuals from pursuing campaigns against a general perceived threat.

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His son was later to become minister at the First Church in Salem. During the examinations the prisoners, who were mostly elderly, were stripped naked in front of a group of people and their bodies were poked and prodded and any suspicious marks or moles found were pricked with needles.

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Five years later, England saw its last witchcraft conviction in the shape of Jane Wenham, who was later pardoned. The colony also been to suffer from frequent droughts, crop failures, smallpox outbreaks, Native-American attacks and other disasters and the colonists worried that the mistakes made during the Salem Witch Trials had angered God. Germany had the highest witchcraft execution rate, while Ireland had the lowest. Witchcraft was finally decriminalised in Britain in — though people were still being accused of it as late as the 19th century. The important thing to remember is that anyone could accuse anyone. Relatives of several victims: Rebecca Nurse, John Proctor and George Jacobs, reportedly retrieved the bodies of their loved one and gave them a Christian burial on the family property. Advertisement Words by Charlotte Hodgman. I got conflicting information until someone helping me told me that is her full name to get her true hints on ancestry. Site of Salem Village Church, Danvers, Mass, illustration published in the New England Magazine, Volume 5, The trials were then held in the Salem courthouse which was located in the center of Washington Street about feet south of Lynde Street, opposite of where the Masonic Temple now stands. One of his targets, John Lowes, was the elderly vicar of Brandeston who was accused of witchcraft in Taylor Trade Publishing, And that no sheriff, constable, goaler or other officer shall be liable to any prosecution in the law for anything they then legally did in the execution of their respective offices. She would likely have been isolated from the community—until, of course, she was arrested and put on trial. Instead, a charge was usually based on a formal complaint from an injured party.

However, in16 people living around Pendle Hill were tried at Lancaster gaol, accused of selling their souls to the devil and murdering 17 people through witchcraft.

Most of the Salem Witch Trials victims were women but men were accused and executed too.

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Although no longer a working pub, The Swan Inn still stands, and the stream in which Dummy was swum flows nearby. Five were required to be present for the court to be in official session. Certainly they were a breeding ground for disease…But accused witches were worse off than the other unfortunates [other prisoners. These were perpetually dark, bitterly cold, and so damp that water ran down the walls. Site of Salem Village Church, Danvers, Mass, illustration published in the New England Magazine, Volume 5, The trials were then held in the Salem courthouse which was located in the center of Washington Street about feet south of Lynde Street, opposite of where the Masonic Temple now stands. Thank you for an excellent article. Any indication that a woman could live without the help or supervision of a man raised alarm. They reeked of unwashed human bodies and excrement. In a chimney sweep named Thomas Colley was executed for leading the swimming of Ruth Osborne and her husband, John, both of whom were accused of witchcraft.

The Catholic inquisition authorities published the book which quickly became the most influential authority on witchcraft. Anomalies like this were fairly common in Scotland due to its scattered population, which often led to local authorities pursuing cases that would otherwise have been heard in the central courts.

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Though this is still a debate, many believe that women were targeted for being midwives or herbal healers. To think that the mass hysteria and deaths caused by the witch scare was solely the fault of religion would be wrong. Many groups wanted to bring down the Catholic church using poisons and magic. Also, did they mean the oldest victim in the witch trials or just the oldest person accused? All images courtesy of Thinkstock unless otherwise noted. Arrington, vol. You are married with too few or no children The devil cursed your unholy womb with infertility. Upon the humble petition and suit of several of said persons and of the children of others of them whose parents were executed. Burning at the stake was more popular in countries with a strong Catholic church because it did not involve the shedding of blood, which was not allowed in the Roman Catholic doctrine, and it ensured that the victim would not have a body to take with them to the after life. In Salem where the community placed harmony and obedience to authority in high regard, women who went against the norm, joined in the wrong crowds or even by dressing against the puritan norm were at risk of being accused. The conspiracy behind the witch-hunts go even further than the religious views of the time. Although little of the original castle remains, a plaque near the gatehouse names all three women as the last to be executed in England for witchcraft. Sage, Upham, William P. The Pendle witches are one of the most famous examples from the period, partly due to the wealth of evidence available, recorded at the time by a local clerk of the Lancaster courts, Thomas Potts, and partly due to the nature of the trial.
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Salem Witch Trials Judges: Key Magistrates and Justices