Slumdog millionaire and globalization

Another example comes in the flashback scene when Jamal and Salim ask the police for help in the Muslim riots. When the audience is introduced to the first flashback with Jamal, we see a plane soar overhead while the kids play cricket in the airfield Internet Movie Data Base, retrieved 23 January The final questions of the show demonstrate the power of western capital and Eurocentric categories of knowledge.

The portrayals of poverty in Slumdog Millionaire have sparked intense debate among viewers. Moreover, I want to argue that the format of the quiz show and the forum of reality television are also recognizable to western audiences and work to establish Jamal as a global neoliberal subject rather an abject subaltern in poverty.

Often the elite nationalist and diasporic point to themselves as modern counterpoints to these slumdogs, suggesting themselves as representative of the shining nation and the proper Hindu subjects of its cinema. This essay addresses how a need to identify between those who are potentially dangerous and those who are not is found not only in policy but also through cinema.

slumdog millionaire cultural analysis

In the film, two brothers orphaned by the Hindu attacks on Muslims in Mumbai after the destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, befriend a young orphan girl.

In a broader sense, the same holds true for many of the scientists and engineers who work for General Electric or Microsoft in Bangalore, or for the employees of a clutch of ambitious homegrown pharmaceutical companies with global ambition.

At this point more thanimmigrants have been detained in Negatives can be seen in the disparities created by globalization—namely social.

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With these questions, Jamal demonstrates the situated nature of knowledge, pointing out that it is less about inherent genius, than about power, location, social community, and labour.

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Slumdog Millionaire and Globalization Essay Example