Social medias impact on college students essay

essay on impact of social networking sites on students

In fact,we can learn a lot of things in the university, otherwise there wont have so many people striving for university This increase in social media usage makes it extremely important for educators and administrators in higher education to recognize how it influences undergraduate student academic performance.

They may either do it directly or pay celebrities to advertise their products for them. Aside from the comprehension skills, spelling, vocabulary and line of reasoning have also been affected, said Alajar. Not only does social media affect relationships, it also distracts others from what they are doing.

Other things in the social are a great chance to gather ideas since those articles are specified Green, Apart from just socializing, the social networks have become frontiers for the corporate world to advertise their goods and services.

Some people adopt fake personalities to show the world that they made it. There are quite a lot of reasons why people think that social media is affecting real-life communication negatively, yet it has not destroyed it.

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Essay on Social Media's Effect on Academic Performance