The components of a healthy personality

Substitution or Compensation- this is like reaction formation but the cover behavior is an unrelated one rather than the opposite. The healthy personality lets the person be comfortable with whom they are and the way they look.

trace the origin of the primary healthy personality characteristics

Compton argued that the investigations hito the structure of mental health and well-being need to be updated. The resultant behavior may have a potential value as in sublimation or substitution.

Physical This includes the mode of dressing, manner of walking, posture, body build, health, complexion, and facial expression.

Related Interests. Associations of personality profiles with various aspects of well-being: a population-based study.

Unhealthy personality

Outer Beauty Outer beauty is highlighted not only by personal attractiveness, but by outer behavior, poise, and education. Projective Tests- these tests are unstructured and ambiguous stimuli to which the subject responds imaginatively. Aust N Z J Psychiatry. Have a strong motive or desire to improve. Low Depression Those who are high in the trait depression are more likely to experience depressive affect in their daily lives. A healthy personality ensures that a person takes great care of his outward appearance and always presents himself with dignity. As the researchers point out, the strong correspondence between healthy and normative personality functioning is consistent with Carl Jung's assertion that balancing different extremes which should average to the norm is key to healthy personality functioning. You will begin to feel beautiful as soon as you begin to work on your physical, emotional, mental, and aesthetic being. Low Impulsivity Impulsiveness refers to the inability to control cravings and urges. Take an inventory or make a checklist of the strong and weak points, of what is to be improved. The person is continually uneasy, with secondary complaints like insomnia, inability to concentrate, and other autonomic nervous system signs of chronic disturbance. They genuinely like people and easily form close attachments to others.

Abnormal Behavior 1. Personality and well-being. Insight- has to do with gradual self-understanding.

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Characteristics Of A Healthy Personality