The correlation between internet reading habit

Students who spent less time on personal reading, spent less time on the internet. According to Hole reading is essential to full participation in a modern society.

A colleague working on a historical project raved to me about the obscure diaries he unearthed online — without the web, he would have needed to travel to an archive in another state to find them. It is encouraging that kids who grew up in a richly digital space seem to know how to navigate that space, and great that so many people have begun to reclaim reading.

This is inextricably linked to the effective use of the library and library resources.

It is setting aside an hour for that new book about mass hysteria in a high school and spending it instead on Facebook. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 46 8 Pp Kenny and Barak noted the prefence of the internet as against the use of the library. The very poor reading habit among this group of students suggests that reading culture is yet to be evolved. The level of internet use was also very low and could therefore not account for the poor reading culture exhibited by these students. Independent reading is a crucial aspect of literacy development. There is an established association between reading for leisure and reading achievement in content area.

TABLE 2: The level of internet use among senior secondary school students Hours spent on the internet per week frequency percentage Never used the internet 81 Young people were exhorted to imbibe good reading habits through effective use of the library which would ensure a good stead in future.

He decried the use of dubious means and short- cuts by students to pass examinations and concluded that the reading skill, if inculcated in students will make them savor reading and also increase their faith in themselves and their abilities.

The correlation between internet reading habit

The accessibility of the documents on the internet, he explained, allowed for deep and prolonged engagement. Guardian, 8th May.

social media and reading
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Impact of internet on reading habits