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Natives knew best how to effectively use resources and wild game in turn they used it as their best means of trade with the waves of settlers. They were here before the European colonists. Does the symbol chosen as a mascot have any impact on whether a team wins or loses. For instance, when she almost forces Honus to fight the chief of Kiowa horsemen, he is aware that this may be the only way for them to survive. I find Native American culture interesting. As for other ethnic groups, they were foreign to the new soil in Northern America. Such team names as the Redskins, Seminoles, Braves, Indians, and Apaches are now facing criticism over team names and they represent the Native American culture. One thing f that my grandma, who is the great-granddaughter of a Cherokee Chief, instilled in me is the importance of my beliefs in God When this was announced, the news spread like wildfire and it was not soon after that, other countries began to send their own explorers.

Ironically, throughout the history of the development of relations between white Americans and Native Americans, the biased attitude to Native Americans emerged and white Americans had grown accustomed to view them as a threat but, in actuality, Native Americans were rather victims of white Americans, who oppressed Native Americans and forced them from their land causing numerous deaths and destruction of the traditional lifestyle of Native Americans.

To better understand and identify with these minority groups we must identify the common themes within their day to day life. Among this group of people fall the Native Americans. Europeans did what they wanted with the Native Americans, and when a group of Native Americans would stand up for themselves, the European would quickly put them down.

Never able to settle down nor were they able to make peace with the Europeans as they took their land and killed off their tribes. They aim to show how they lived, interacted, and gave thanks. Each book focuses on the history, culture, and pride of Native Americans. For example, Rindels n.

White settlers were highly interested in gaining Native American land and urged the federal government to allow them to obtain it.

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Examples of Native American mascot range from names like the Indians, Chiefs, and Braves, which are some of the more generic ones, to Seminoles, Fighting Illini, and Chippewas to name some of the tribal based names He views them as villains, although he does not even know him. Teachers abused their students and beat their native ways out of them Native Americans, who had highly developed cultures in many respects. Europeans could not tolerate the practice of non-Christian religions in their newly conquered lands and began to oppress the ethnic groups and destroy the cultures of the conquered. In American history Native Americans were treated unfairly. Such team names as the Redskins, Seminoles, Braves, Indians, and Apaches are now facing criticism over team names and they represent the Native American culture. The main ideas represented in these books is to teach about who Native Americans were, all across America. The Native Americans are just one particular example to analyze. Each society and their culture were comprised of various aspects including: creation stories, morals, beliefs and overall ways of living.

This lead to Native Americans being methodically pushed off their land, deceived multiply through a broken treaty, and most of all, not being completely recognized as citizens by the rest of American society. The way that Native Americans across America use the land, resources, and create a sense of community has some similarities and some differences between tribes

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