The importance of individuality in aldous huxleys brave new world

His most private, cherished sense of love and of self, he feels, has been violated.

Today there are strong debates and questions about the extraordinary breakthroughs in science such as cloning, in communications through the Internet with its never ending pool of knowledge and the never ending movement to censor it, and the increasing level of immersion in entertainment. Bernard is not as driven as the Savage but he has moments of clarity that bring him close to the precipice of a breakthrough. Since no one in Brave New World can create or express emotions, individual expression is retarded. A conditioned society might sound nice in the beginning but a society that reacts and responds to everything like a bunch of robts is about as conterfeit as ever. Fan bemoans this loss noting, "Without literature, people will never think and learn of course they will live in a stable society where nothing will ever change, but people pay the price of creativity and the ability to think" 2. When people react this coolly to such powerful news, the government has already won because they human mind has been trained to think the government is right. John retreats to a secluded part of the World State in the hope that he can live in peace, but soon the crowds of people find him, eager to catch a glimpse of him as if he were some strange, wild beast. Bucknell University Press, Once Bernard receives the sexual and social attention he believes is his due, his complaints continue merely as a show of daring and bravado.

He is reasonable in a society that has lost most reasons for doing almost anything -- especially anything the enhances the human experience. They are like robots sometimes that only want to feel good.

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How do Bernard, Helmholtz, and John each seek to define themselves? Keith May writes, "The chief illusion which Brave New World shatters has less to do with an unthinking faith in scientific progress than with the assumption that truth, beauty, and happiness are reconcilable goods on the plane of ordinary, unregenerate human activity'" May qtd.

In this Utopia, what would be considered true love for one person in today's world would lead to neurotic passions and the establishment of family life, both of which would interfere with the community and stability.

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He senses there is more out there but he is not sure what it is or how to find it. Bokanovsky's Process, which arrests normal human development while promoting the production of dozens of identical eggs, deliberately deprives human beings of their unique, individual natures and so makes overt processes for controlling them unnecessary.

Because he comes from the reservation, where people are born and age naturally, he is able to show the reader how strange and awful it is to enter into a world of clones, of twins. The Savage knew and understood this despite its impossibility. Certain characters in the novel grow uncomfortable with this idea, are downright disgusted by it, or for one reason or another find that they just don't fit the mold. Every human being in Brave New World is conditioned to fit society's needs, to like the work he will have to do. One individual that does not fit into this caste system is the Savage, who becomes an example of a character whose inner yearning to be free is alive and well. Fitting in is extremely important because it gives individuals a sense of belonging. The incredible wealth of knowledge available on the Internet is astounding. Soma-tized people do not know their own degradation. Emotions are the fuel that drives man to act on a belief or a dream, to become a better person, to grow and learn and to love.

The clash of these two contrasting world views reason vs. Excerpt from Essay : Freedom and Individuality in Brave New World Stories are popular when they enable audiences to escape from reality for a bit.

This in turn produces a society that, "adore[s] the technologies that undo their capacities to think," Postman 1.

The importance of individuality in aldous huxleys brave new world

He understands the importance of the conflicting things and their place in creating a universe that is balanced. The creation of a religion is almost akin to an act of artistic expression, as it requires an enormous amount of emotion and individual belief.

When people feel as though they fit in and are a part of some group, they are less likely to make trouble for themselves or the group. Is there any difference at all between, say, number 47 and number 62? John the Savage also seems to possess the same natural instincts that plague Lenina. John's sensitive feelings about love suffer even from the representation of such an orgy at the feelies. Not somebody else, however jolly. This emotional engineering shows the clever ways in which the reigning government body can sugar coat a loss of basic human feelings. The outcomes of John and Lenina demonstrate that, though they both eventually succumb to the World State and conform to their ways, individuality and independent thought is a powerful and destructive force against totalitarian power systems. Bucknell University Press, There is no clear reason as to why this irregularity appears in the novel. Knowing Shakespeare gives the Savage an advantage that the others do not have because his worldview is broader than average. James P. Huxley's social criticisms become alarmingly uncomfortable as we witness the growth of our own government. The society in Brave New World does have a good side: there is no war or suffering, little disease or social conflict.

John's sensitive feelings about love suffer even from the representation of such an orgy at the feelies.

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