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The work would start in stage I again, telling a new story. When do you want to achieve it by? What people, places, ideas, organisations could help?

What about some wild ideas?

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It is about a space where a person can hear and understand their own story. Useful Questions: What in all of this is the most important? Is it worth it? Brooks Cole, 6"' edition Brad Cheek: this page was archived February Keep them open! I will book a meeting, so that we can be sure of quiet uninterrupted time. The strategy is broken into bite-size chunks of action. MedBridge is committed to accessibility for all of our subscribers. This stage is very important in generating energy and hope.

Quality Anything goes - have fun Write down ideas verbatim, don't analyse or judge Keep prompting - 'what else? The aim is to free up the person to generate new and different ideas for action, breaking out of old mind-sets.

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Goals which are demanding yet achievable are motivating. What would be happening? In stuttering therapy, this may mean that the client improves his or her speech fluency, communication attitudes, or both. Action Leading to Valued Outcomes In the diagram of the whole model Top row: la, 2a, 3a expansive, exploratory and creative Middle row: 1b, 2b, 3b Brooks Cole, 6"' edition Brad Cheek: this page was archived February Achieving these challenging goals typically involves a process of change—not just learning a lesson or practicing a strategy but developing new behavior and thought patterns.

SMART goals.

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Counseling Skills: Using the Skilled Helper Model