The soft machine

I guess our basic assumption was that what we liked, everybody else was going to like as well, that we all had things in common, and therefore we all are soft machines, and we were all going to like Soft Machine music. The first two demonstrate a progression from R'n'B psychedelia, increasingly heavily flavored by Mike Ratledge's free jazz improv tempered by modern serious music, towards their own idiosyncratic jazz fusion.

Davee mac says:. To demonstrate the difference between the second and third versions I will list in brief the more significant changes he made to the text, which eventually became an amalgamation of material from all three editions with new material added in as well, while still relying heavily on the second edition for structure.

As Graham Masterson points out in a recent interviewBurroughs was short on cash and the need to create a salable novel must have weighed heavily on him. Influenced by the music philosophies of Sun Ra he formed the Daevid Allen Trioa free-jazz outfit which performed in Burroughs' theatre pieces based on that writer's novel 'The Ticket That Exploded'.

Well, I will read the rest of the series and probably, over time, everything that Burroughs wrote. This is not to say that the third edition is inferior to the second or, for that matter, the first.

This line-up would only remain together briefly. The name of the band is similar to the book with the same title written by William Burroughs: "The Soft Machine". Hopper left in because he was suffering from leukaemiaso the band continued live performances with Fred Baker.

soft machine legacy

Years active:. The first and second editions have little likeness to each other.

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Burroughs, The Soft Machine