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Still, this constant competition of trying to accomplish the "American Dream," which in and of itself is probably unattainable, is overwhelming for two reasons.

They feel the dream -- however they define it -- is out of reach.

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This filter evaluates how effectively you manage your knowledge and wisdom equally. Reflection - I learned that novels are way more complicated than they appear to be, that there is usually some awesome, deeper meaning. If the career that person chooses to pursue is hard to live off by, that person has to work harder and build their way up, to make their career go with their expenses.

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Gatsby is a man that seems to think that the more a person possesses, whether it be money, awards, or accomplishments, the more they represent America and its so called dream. Feeling financially secure 2. The more money one has, the more their dream will come true.

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The American Dream of the past inspired hope and optimism. Much has changed in America, from culture to finance, yet the determination to achieve stability has remained constant. Perhaps Gatsby throws these stupendous parties and flaunts his belongings and credentials because he believed in the myth about America. Today, we are fortunate if either of these groups can consistently provide any real opportunities — and if they can, they certainly are no longer capable of enabling it for you. Should we even bother to obtain it? Still, it is not the only reason. This systematic unfairness works towards a world divided between wealth and poverty, an obvious obstacle restricting Americans to reach their ultimate dreams. A lot of what Gatsby does is to win back Daisy, even though she is married and has a child. The fact that Gatsby believes he can go back in time and change things is major part in the realization that his American Dream is, sadly, over-dreamed Hilgart. Owning your own home 5. Jobs also provide considerably less benefits than they once did. On the other hand, these same leaders know that the rules of business and societal engagement are evolving rapidly. This way of life tends to relate to employment. What makes us successful? There is no measurement to depict which side of the scale is heavier.

What used to be defined as normal — those days are gone.

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Is the American Dream unattainable?