Unequal distribution of wealth in the

In a reply to one of my pieces on poverty, he quoted from the book to tell me that according to its central thesis, the growing gap in many countries between the haves and the have-nots, is responsible for more than the misery of poverty. That is, the tyrant and his friends the top percentile own all the nation's wealth.

Some critics suggest that the book cherry picks its statistics and the alleged problems to prove their point. The country operates as a free market economy with its largest sector being mining.

wealth inequality vs income inequality

The United States Department of Agriculture estimated that over 40 million people in the United States suffered from food insecurity in One can further choose among two buttons for the amount of money level, or shares percent.

Rapid economic growth in Asia particularly China and India has lifted many people out of extreme poverty. How many of them acquired their wealth through their own efforts? Asymmetric information is perceived to be the root of unethical behavior Kolb, While some countries have almost equal distribution of income, others have a very unequal distribution of income.

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Unequal Distribution of Wealth Essay