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It created more than a hundred of films. In song and story the young man is seen departing adventurously in search of a woman; he slays the dragon, he battles giants; she is locked in a tower, a palace, a garden, a cave, she is chained to a rock, a captive, sound asleep: she waits. She must be pretty, well-dressed, quiet, well-behaved: in two words decoratively unobtrusive. Which, raises an important question as to why some women wait for their prince charming to come rescue them, instead of putting on their metaphorical belt and boots and clearing their own path to the future they desire If they could just conform—if they could represent the same patriarchal values that Cinderella does—then maybe, they to would have a chance at marrying a prince and improving their social standing. The most fun of living in the country outside of remodeling was gathering up wood, cutting it and stacking it. We worked on our house together. Cinderella scenes Essay Words 4 Pages Cinderella was the main character in the play. They are instead shadow characters or marginal substitutes. How have beauty ideals been emphasized in the tale? Kay F. A perfect example of such plot alterations occur in the tale of Cinderella. However, the recent trends point out that reality shows have been developed to create a fairy tale mentality. She was a woman with two daughters justabout Cinderella's age. Traditionally, the only way women can move up within a social hierarchy has been through marriage.

The stereotypes perpetrated through Cinderella marginalize and oppress those outside of the social norm. The fairy godmother was a complete stranger to Cinderella but luckily showed up in time to make her go. With the help of a fairy god mother and some mice, she transforms into a beautiful princess who captures the heart of a young handsome prince.

Then I tried dating a teacher, and he was neurotic like Woody Allen. The status quo becomes the standard by which all people are judged—male or female; black or white.

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Perrault, however wrote his Cinderella as a well-mannered, docile, selfless women who would fit seamlessly with the ideal 17th century upper-class society.

When Spink and his troops arrive at the la Pochel residence, Dusty takes the slipper and leads them to free Cinderella. Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex As the folk tale has evolved from an oral tradition of storytelling to a literary tradition to film—Disney has monopolized the production and re-creation of the genre in its cinematic form.

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This version stuck closely to the original fairy tale until Cinderella arrives home late from the second ball. In the end, Cinderella receives her wish of a better life when a handsome young prince comes to the rescue and sweeps her off her feet.

Character Differences Both versions embraced the character of Cinderella as a kind, humble, and optimistic beauty.

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Cinderella also comes across a bit vain because when she was in the forest an old lady called her beautiful and she responded 'I know am so So I moved back to my home town of Paso Robles, CA, a cow town, and it was there that I met my macho man, a liberated one, and so we got hitched.

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