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Her true name is Elodie Luria and she was raised by her grandmother and three elderly aunts: Zenka, Lystra, and Rhoda. I will say there's not going to be an eighth book. Among the Hidden was published in When I was thinking about writing Among the Barons, there were a lot of people saying they wanted to know more about the family that donated Luke's fake ID.

We are excited to learn a little bit more about the story behind her awesome stories. You write books in a variety of different genres.

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I was able to follow tangents that lead into their own books. Their real names are Patrick Carrigan and Denton Weathers; before Jason's failed attempt to expose them, their aliases were "Samuel Irving" and "Travis Spencer" respectively.

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I didn't want it to go on to the point that I felt like I was repeating myself. If so, can you tell us a little bit about it? Every job that she took was in some way related to her actual passion; writing. When the Population Police raids the two schools, he is left behind and lives in a cabin on the school grounds, surviving on a garden that Luke had the students build. While Nina initially appears to be an antagonist from the events of Among the Impostors, it is revealed her naivete and love for Jason Barstow resulted in her mistaken accusation as a spy for the Population Police. How much input have fans had on the direction of the books? She subsequently joins Luke to stop the Population Police, demonstrating a strong sense of independence and bravery. Which book in the series took the longest to write? While she was at college, she spent one semester in Luxembourg which gave her time to think about her life and what she really wanted out of it.

Why are you choosing to end the series now? They might not have talking lions or sparkling vampiresbut books like Among the Hidden aren't just out to entertain us.

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