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As regards organizational characteristics, this paper used the tool prepared by Olson, Slater and Hult et al.

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We also confirmed the perception of the complex environment encourages the three types of business strategies. Organizing for Innovation. The Practice of Management. Consequently, hypothesis H3 is not demonstrated. Based on the above discussion, we propose the following hypothesis: H3: Organizational characteristics strengthen the relationship between the business environment and business strategies. Christmann, P. Wan, W. Forbes, S. Grant, R. The information was gathered over four weeks with attention paid to avoid significant differences between the answers provided by the first and last respondents. Companies enforcing defender strategies would rather focus their operations in a market segment where they will introduce few products, and consequently they will monitor changes in their market segment to compete on pricing, and in sales and post-sale efficiencies.

Damanpour, F. However, three of these characteristics, namely centralization, formalization and specialization, have received more attention because of their greater influence on strategic decision-making Fredrickson, Tabla 5.

Journal of Product Innovation Management, 21 2 When financial institutions increase their lending rates, firms may resort to other sources of finance, like bank loans or internal savings reserves.

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All the sampled companies employed over 50 workers. On the other hand companies that consequently engage in strategic planning outperform those that do not Andersen,

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The financial environment and the business system, thus, act and interact with each other. Academy of Management Executive, 17 4 , Exchanging Influence and Power The third important interaction between an organization and its environment is the exchange of influence and power. Also, the firm can dictate terms to its environment and mold them to its will. Strategic Management and Business Policy. It is useful to break the concept of the environment down into two components. International Journal of Management Review, 3 3 , California Management Review 28 3 , As odd as it may seem, however, these tragic events also opened up significant opportunities for other organizations. Ansoff, I. Lynch, R.
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Relationship between an Organization and its Environment