Womens political participation in afghanistan essay

The Agreement on Provisional Arrangements in Afghanistan, pending the re-establishment of permanent government institutions, was signed in Bonn on December 5, Moreover, female candidates are not only target but their families and even supporters are also a target for the Taliban, for instance in parliamentary election the husband of a female candidate was killed by Taliban Azad They had six men with guns.

I know because this girl told me. Farida said she was trapped in this situation for a year. However, it is not only the Taliban who threaten women but women candidates faced harassment by their male opponent candidates and society as well which include tearing of campaign posters, verbal abuses and even physical violence Ibid.

At night he was gang raping. Lack of Protection When women are threatened, the response of the government is generally weak. In another case, a year-old in Nangahar was sentenced to two years in prison after complaining to the local authorities that she was raped by her uncle.

According to interviewees, the government response is sometimes to tell them that they are responsible for their own problems because they are too outspoken. He can be reached at Iilham asiafound.

gender in afghanistan

They all left.

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(PDF) Women's Political Participation in Afghanistan